Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley

Our intake policy

Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley receives numerous requests each week to take in dogs and cats. Unfortunately, we cannot safely or humanely accommodate more than 23 dogs and 30 cats in our shelter on any given day.

Animal Protectors is a no-kill shelter; we do not euthanize current residents in order to make room for new animals. Cages open up when our animals are adopted or enter into foster care, never through mass euthanizing.

Our no-kill mission means that we cannot take every animal that a community member wishes to surrender. Our intake policy is ordered as follows:

Our policy is to help animals in need of medical attention first. It is never easy for us to turn an animal away; however, when the shelter is full, we have no choice. We will provide information for other shelters in the area and will also ask that you place a brief description and photograph of the animal you wish to re-home in our “To Place” book; this book is designed to connect people wanting certain pets with people trying to place pets.

Please keep in mind that overcrowding is a prominent reality not only at Animal Protectors but at all shelters in our area. Overcrowding causes disease and unneeded stress on the shelter animals. We strive to provide the best care possible for our residents and avoid overcrowding by any means.

Animal Protectors encourages the community to aggressively promote spaying/neutering of all companion animals to help eliminate the crisis of animal overpopulation.