Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley

Meet our alumni.

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7. Athena Aka Asha
  • 7. Athena Aka Asha
  • Athena And Chloe Haugh

Athena and Chloe

“We always adopt our pets from your shelter and we just love our fur babies to pieces. We picked up Athena (formerly Asha) in January 2011 and just added Chloe (formerly Foxy) to our family a few weeks ago. There is no better feeling than knowing you are giving a dog a forever home.”

Update November 2013: Athena, age 3 and Chloe, almost 2 years old. As you can see, they are still buddies and are happy and healthy here with us.

Jamie Huckabaa Haugh

Bella And Baxter
  • Bella And Baxter
  • Bella N Baxter 002
  • Bella N Baxter 002

Bella and Baxter

Formerly known as Sara and Sam, we adopted Bell and Baxter last Oct. 19, they are a year old now. As you can see by these pictures, they have grown to full size and are the joy and happiness in our lives. I have not known this joy from any of the other cats we have owned in our lives. There is something so special about these two, they have enriched our lives. Baxter is the Alpha cat and what a character he is, an adventurous clown and owns us completely. Bella is sweet and lovable, a little girl with a quiet heart and both love to have their bellies rubbed. Getting these siblings has proved to be the best thing we've ever done regarding pets. They are spoiled with new toys all the time and enjoy playtime. They love looking out the windows at the bird and get along quite well with their step-sister, Skittles. I am so proud of them and love them deeply. Their antics make us smile and laugh every day. We are so blessed to have these furbabies a part of our lives. Thank you Animal Protectors!

Joanne and Sonny Davis

Kindle Camera 1433622578000 (5)
  • Kindle Camera 1433622578000 (5)


Hi! Do you volunteers remember Ben, the cat who showed up frostbitten in our yard in January? I surrendered him to AP but missed him so much that I came back to adopt him. Someone told me on the night I picked him up that he would "fill out and be a beautiful cat." I am attaching a snapshot of him drowsing on the screened porch. He now weighs 15 pounds. I think he weighed 10 when we adopted him. He has retained his happy and affectionate disposition and gets along well with our other 3 cats. Another AP story with a good outcome.

Lisa Dzvonik-Olson, MD

  • Binx


This is Binx, formally Collada. When we adopted him, he was such an outgoing beautiful boy even though he had spent half of his life in a cage. We have two daughters under 4 years old, a Great Dane and Yorkie; Binx fits so perfectly into our mash-up, it’s unbelievable. I just love this little guy so very much! Thank you for giving us such an important addition to our family!

~ The Florentines

Boo Pavlock
  • Boo Pavlock
  • Georgie And Geno Pavlock

Boo, Georgie and Geno

From heartbreak to happiness….

“After my Kitty had passed, I stopped in at Animal Protectors to donate some of her things. I was standing there Georgie reached out of his cage and patted me on the back. When I turned around and saw him and his brother Geno, I just knew I had to have them! So, I adopted them and they both bonded with my Hunter who was my husband's hunting dog that I had inherited when my husband passed. 

Two days after Christmas 2012, after 4 wonderful years with him, I had to have my baby Hunter put to sleep. I was crushed and swore I would never get another dog. I once again headed to the shelter to donate some of Hunter's things, and when I walked thru the door with my great niece and great nephew, they spied Boo (then known as Singer) sitting by the door. They both instantly fell in love with him! I held him and found out that there were 2 couples that had put in applications to adopt him, but the kids talked me into filling out the application anyhow. 

A couple of days went by and then I got the call that if I still wanted Boo, he was mine! I have to admit that for about the first 6 months it was tough. He chewed everything, including me! And when everyone told me that I needed to take him back, that he was too much to handle, my only thought was that there was no way I could give up on him, he deserved more of a chance than that! 

So here we are, 1 year later, and he is still a handful, but I just love him. When it's just me and him, he can never snuggle close enough or give enough kisses!”

Terrie Pavlock

  • Buddy


We adopted Buddy (formerly known as "Chance") on December 12, 2008. Buddy quickly bonded with us. He slept on his bed the first two nights; on the third morning, we awoke to find him sleeping between us! He has slept there ever since. Buddy loves walks, catching his multitude of tennis balls and making new friends. All you have to say is "go bye-bye" or simply pick up his leash, Buddy will be sitting at the door ready to go. Buddy also loves cuddling on the sofa with his mommy on cold winter evenings; he is very good at keeping his old mommy warm! And, lest I forget, he loves relaxing on our boat and visiting our neighbors on their houseboat.

Buddy is definitely loved and enjoying life and we are lucky to have him in our lives. Unconditional love at its best!

Michael and Cynthia Ansani

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