Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley

Meet our alumni.

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  • Sydney


Sydney McCalister - shelter known as "McDreamy"

  • Raylene


My boy kitties were 10 and getting quite settled. We needed a little attitude to liven up our home and lives, but we wanted to rescue an adult female. Tallulah (formerly Cookie), was 4 years old and a perfect choice. She plays with the boys and gets them moving. Here she is, far left, snuggled with her brothers, Tigger and Lucky, on the "kitty" bed. She brings love and life to us every day. We are so glad we adopted her.

Raylene Hoover

Downsized 1223121426a
  • Downsized 1223121426a


This is not a post-adoption pic, but the one I took of him at the shelter when his adopter asked me what he was like. Taurus was a very skinny, very scared and shy dog, as grungy as the street he was picked up on by a good Samaritan ...we took him into foster, and to my surprise, my cat-loving partner fell deeply in love in about a week. To him, Taurus is 'the perfect dog', and his life is forever changed. Taurus slipped so easily and perfectly into our home setting, with my dog, two kids, and three cats (not to mention our couches), that we just couldn't imagine not keeping such a calm, loving, and gentle (also hilariously playful) spirit within our family, for all the years to come. We are happy to provide a home and family (something I think he's still getting used to and never imagined for himself), for Taurus (aka TorTor, or Torro) and look forward to sharing his lifetime together. What a diamond in the rough...and I am gratified to be a part of saving him. Thank you!

Jenn King

Gametime Lilly 002 (3)
  • Gametime Lilly 002 (3)

Teri Laverne

We are sending pics of our TERI LAVERNE adopted from Animal Protectors in March 2010. Teri can be described as fun-loving, happy, cheery, merry, & mischievous. Teri has brought much love, fun & joy to our family!!! Thank you Animal Protectors for bringing Teri Laverne into our lives. 

 Bob & Barb Purcell & Teri's "fur sisters" Lilly & Pokey.

13. Tork
  • 13. Tork


“Dog Day Afternoon with Tork and his friends!”

Diane E. Desalvo

  • Tyson


Here is a pic of Tyson since he has been at our house!! He is such an awesome boy!!!

Diane Harley

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