Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley

Meet our alumni.

Do you have a success story with our shelter that you'd like to share? Please send your pictures and stories to

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17. Wakka Aka Leslie
  • 17. Wakka Aka Leslie


“I adopted Wakka about 5 or 6 years ago. He's my son and I love him to death. I doubt anyone remembers him, his mom's name was Leslie and a friend of mine adopted one of his brothers from the litter. Orange tabbies are the best!”

Amanda Coffman

5. Mater Aka Zeke
  • 5. Mater Aka Zeke


“Zeke, aka Mater, is a wonderful companion. Thank you, Animal Protectors!”

Lynne Price

Dove 2
  • Dove 2
  • Dove
  • Zelda
  • Zelda 2
  • Zelda 3


Hello! My husband and I adopted our puppy from your facility in December. The staff asked that we send photos as she grows. The staff had named her Dove when she was found, now she goes by Zelda. She has grown since we brought her home and has become a part of the family! Thank you and the staff for all that you do to find such wonderful animals there lifetime homes!

Update November 2013: My husband, Dan and I were lucky enough to be able to adopt Zelda (formerly known as Dove) in December of 2012. Zelda quickly became a part of the family in our our 3 adult cats eyes...well...she was viewed a little differently. Zelda is a very energetic 1 year old who loves to play with everyone! She loves to play fetch, tug-o-war, and chase the cats. She interacts great with other canines and is a frequent customer at the Dog Stop. We couldn't be happier and feel more lucky to have been able to adopt Zelda from such a great organization that gave her a home when she did not have one.


Courtney, Dan and Zelda

  • Zeus


**In Memory** This is Zeus, we adopted Zeus when he was just 7 weeks old and looked like a baby polar bear. My son and Zeus grew up together. Zeus lived to be just over 11 years old and had to be put down humanely last year. Zeus was a great companion watchdog and family member he is greatly missed by all of us including his furry brother and sister. Thank You for all you do for the animals and families that walk through your doors.

Leslie Horwat

14. Zippy
  • 14. Zippy
  • Zippy With Bone


“We adopted Zippy from your shelter in August of 2009. He will be celebrating 2 years with us in his forever home this summer. He has a feline brother and a feline sister. He has become great friends with his feline brother, Skittles. I had to share this picture because we discovered shortly after adopting Zippy, he loves to have me dry him with the hair dryer (even when he is not wet). He waits in line every night for his turn when I am drying my daughter's hair on the living room floor. He is such a character and such a great dog. He sure does love his forever family!”

Update November 2013: This is Zippy! Our beautiful, blue eyed beagle mix that we adopted from AP in the summer of 2009. Zippy quickly became a wonderful part of our family. He is a protector, a barker, a happy dog that loves walks and rides in our car. He loves to eat and is happy to have kids in the house that drop crumbs on the floor!! Zippy has a very funny personality and actually tries to talk to us often! He goes up every night to the kids room to check on them while they sleep before he settles in his bed.

He loves his cat brother and sister, especially his cat brother, Skittles. They love to play together and lay together on Zippy’s dog bed.

This is a picture of him in one of his favorite places, his backyard. He is looking for a good spot to bury his bone!

Thank you for helping us make Zippy a wonderful part of our family!!!

Regina DePaoli Seidel

  • Zoey
  • Image
  • Image 1


Zoey is doing amazing!! Enjoying her huge couch! A doggie bed in every room and lots & lots of love!!  She is loving life :)

Chris and Christy Leisure 

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