Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley

Meet our alumni.

Do you have a success story with our shelter that you'd like to share? Please send your pictures and stories to

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  • Buster


This is my gorgeous 14 year old boy, Buster. We got him at the shelter in 2000, he was the last of his litter to get adopted, and I'm glad he was. He is the best & sweetest companion ever and I'm so blessed to have him in my life!

~ Amy Zamboski

Callie 2
  • Callie 2
  • Callie


Dear Animal Protectors,
This is Callie (you knew me as Emily). I wanted to send you an email and update you on my forever home. I adopted my family in February, so I have been at my new home for four months. I really like my new home and my family. I have a Mom, Dad and boy who really love me. They walk me every day, take me lots of new places and do lots of fun things with me. I have made new friends, both two footed and four footed. The cat is one of my four footed friends. He likes me, but gets tired of me sniffing him to see where he was been. Mom and Dad bought me a really comfy bed, and as you can see from the pictures, it is my favorite place to be. Thank you for all of the care that you gave me and for helping be find my forever home.

Love, Callie

  • Kelly
  • Kelly 2

Callie (Kelly)

Hello friends at Animal Protectors,

Just wanted to let you know that Kelly, adopted by my husband Steve Scott on May 18, is doing fine. We call her Callie, now. She’s eating well and has lots of energy.

It took her some time to adjust to the house and to the other cat we adopted, but now she’s quite at home. We really enjoy her company. We’re grateful to you for making it possible for her to join our family.

Attached are recent photos.

Thank you,
Christine Scott

  • Camilla


"Just wanted to let you know that Camilla, who I actually call Kensi, after about 20 minutes being at her new home, she settled in like she’s lived there forever. Thank you so much for her."

Sherri Siford

Carlos Pic
  • Carlos Pic


I'm so proud of Carlos and I want everyone to know how good he is. He, for the most part, let's us through doors first, stays off of furniture, walks well, etc. We have him on quite a routine and then he is ready for cuddle time on queue. He goes to our game room where he is allowed on those couches..and only goes up when we let him. No begging for our food, we eat and ignore him and he'll lay down until we finish. Amazing. He still has that jump but it's getting better. He chews only on toys...and my arm. Working on that! The tug of war is best. He has only tried playing with the leash twice! He is patient with stairs and knows when hes going for a street walk vs. a yard walk. He'll sit for the harness to be put on. We are teaching him a bell for the bathroom. He sleeps on the floor in our room and does not leave. Crate training in the day is working out. We started getting guests and once a few jumps are out of his system, no problem at all. I could go on and on, thank you again. I think it's going better than even anyone anticipated. ~Bob

  • Chester


Two days before we got Chester (formerly Archery), we had to put our cat of 20 years Tigger to sleep. He was diabetic for 6 years and had a stroke and several weeks later he lost use of his back legs. My wife needed to get another cat. Chester has been a wonderful kitten (5 mo.’s old when we got him). We love watching him chase things that aren’t there. He loves to sit on my wife’s lap which makes her happy. We hope he is around for 20 years, too.

Ed and Sandy Loughery

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