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Meet our alumni.

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"We adopted Chico (formerly Brody) in April 2008. We were told that he was roaming at large and had been at the shelter for a little while with no takers. The only explanation would be that he was waiting for us. He's been such a joy and so much fun. We lost our 14 year old dog, Stormy, who was also adopted from Animal Protectors in 2006 and decided to see if we were ready for another dog. Well ... Chico has been a perfect fit. He loves to play, give kisses, chase bunnies and sleep under the covers. He's always happy and he's made our house a home again. We couldn't love him anymore and I think the feeling is mutual. Thank you for bringing him into our lives."

Paula Zetter & Archie Ehrmentrout

Chico 2
  • Chico 2
  • Chico 1

Chico -2

"I want to give you an update on Chico. He's doing great! We love him and he loves us. He rubs up against our legs like a cat when we get home. He was very skinny when we got him - his spine was raised and all of his ribs showed. He has filled out nicely since then. He still has some behavior quirks that we're working on. He likes to take random objects from around the house through the doggy door and up to his compound, where he scatters them around as though he's hiding them. I don't know if he's insecure and thinks that if we kick him out, at least he'll have some stuff. One day, I caught him trying to take the vacuum hose through the door. Don't know why he needed that. He'll get better as he gets older, I'm sure. I think he must have some Lab in him. He loves to chase his ball-on-a-rope and brings it right back to the thrower. Of course, we have to have a tug-of-war before he'll give it up to be thrown again. He also enjoys being "chased." He runs up the stairs to the second floor and then comes barreling down again, then we stomp our feet and say we're gonna get him, and he runs back up the stairs at full tilt. And we have 15 stairs between the first floor and the second floor, which is a lot. But hey, it's exercise for him.

Thank you for our new family member. He's a sweetie."

(Mrs.) Lennie Andresky

  • Chingu


Chingu, aka Rusty

Jennifer D'Elia

  • Chumlee

Chum Lee

Thank you, Animal Protectors for giving me my best friend and soul mate! Chum Lee and I have really enjoyed these last few months, words cannot describe how deeply honored I am to have been given the chance to give this Prince the forever home he's always deserved!

Anna Irwin

  • Clarice


I wanted to give you a quick update on Clarice. She is doing well and has easily adapted into my household. I swear she's a piglet and not a dog from the way she has been eating. I have her on Organix wet and dry dog food and she loves it. Just tonight she was zipping across the kitchen playing with a stuffed toy I bought her. She loves to go for walks and even at times runs with those cute little four legs.

Clarice has her own doggie bed and blanket on my recliner chair and always builds her "nest" before settling in for one of many naps she takes. She is such a smart dog and only took two days to learn to use her doggie ladder to get up in bed at night. She hops up on the bed and rolls around playfully on the cool sheets before settling on top of two pillows for the night.

I'm lucky enough to have a job that I can take her to work with me and I think she likes her morning routine getting ready for work, but she's just as happy to leave for the night to come home to her own bed. Everyone makes a fuss over her and I have yet to hear a bark, she is so quiet. She now has two new sweaters, a pretty pink collar and her own car seat.

I'm so glad I made the decision to adopt Clarice because this little princess is priceless, and just goes to show how much joy a senior dog can bring you and vice versa.

~ Kathleen Broach

  • Copper


We adopted Copper when she was roughly 3 months old. In July, we celebrated her 5th birthday. She was our dog Sheba's best friend, who was also adopted from AP, until the day we lost her. Now she's a great sister to Emma (Emma was rescued from a shelter in WV).

Copper has always been our cuddle bug, and exactly what makes our family complete. Thank you for doing all that you do for these animals....forever grateful!! Much love!

Al, Denise, Justin and Kayla

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