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Meet our alumni.

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Deja Kaiser
  • Deja Kaiser

Deja and Kaiser

Deja and Kaiser are so wonderful together! We're so glad that we got both of them from you, and that they have each other!

~ Shanen Cyphert

  • Dexter


Hi Animal Protectors,
We adopted Dexter back in early July 2014 as a furry sibling for our daughter and it was the best move we made for our family. He has wiggled his way into our home and hearts so fast we don't know what we did without him! He's so spoiled, I'm sure his past life as a stray is long forgotten by now and replaced by treats, toys & belly rubs; not to mention his favorite recliner that is ALL his!!

He has proved very well behaved with our 2 year old daughter and all her cousins and friends who stop by to play. He loves to run and play fetch in the backyard while his sister swings and I cook dinner on the grill. He definitely enjoys his morning family walks with Dad before he heads off to work. It's been a great adventure having him in our lives!

Thank you Animal Protectors for helping us complete our little family unit and uniting us with Dexter!

The Provenzos
Chris, Michelle, Anna, & Dexter

8. Doppler
  • 8. Doppler
  • Doppler


“Doppler loves his new home and we love Doppler. He makes us laugh all day. We gave him the middle name of Radar...”

Update November 2013: He is the most loving dog ever. He watches over me since Richard passed away a year ago.

Judith Jones Gleinn

Duchess And Bailey
  • Duchess And Bailey

Duchess and Bailey

My name is Sarah and I am a two time dog adopter from your shelter. I wanted to send an email that gives a little glimpse of how happy these babies have made me.

My boyfriend and I chose to adopt a dog in the summer of 2010 to start the family that we had envisioned. Upon our arrival the entire kennel was announcing our presence but there was one puppy who wasn’t making a sound. She wasn’t jumping on the cage or even distracted by the noise – she was simply sitting and wagging her tail while giving the most breathtaking green eyed stare I’d ever seen. Her name was “Diamond” and I had an instant connection with her. I visited every other day with treats and a walk around the kennel in the hopes that, even if I were turned away for adoption, I still got to experience the interaction with the most gentle and happy puppies I’d ever met. She became mine in August and after a year and half of training, hiking, dog parks, one on one time, road trips, and geocaching, we decided that Duchess needed a companion. Ever since I adopted her I’ve told everyone that there is no dog on this planet that will ever be similar to how well behaved and good intentioned my Duchess is.

In January of 2013 we inquired to four different shelters about four different dogs but because we were never “first” in the “first come, first serve” process we were turned away. We returned to your facility with the mentality that if we didn’t make a connection with the right dog at Animal Protectors then we were done looking for a while. I walked in and once again the kennel got instantly loud with excitement. I took a walk around and there, again, was one dog not jumping, barking, or even being bothered by the general temper of the room. I could hardly believe my eyes because it was as if the dog in front of me was Duchess’ twin. Another green eyed brown-haired pit bull mix named “Diamond”. She was a calm/nervous temper that I knew would be remedied by Duchess’ outgoing attitude. A week later we picked her up and renamed her “Bailey."

From day one Duchess and Bailey have been inseparable. They insist on being in the same room, on the same piece of furniture, sharing the same seat – whether they fit or not. They’ve established favorite pastimes of tug of war with their favorite rope, playing tag in the yard, and “people watching” out of the living room window.

They are the answer to all of my prayers and have made my boyfriend and I the happiest people in the world. We are the only 24 year old couple, that I know, that rushes home on Friday and Saturday nights to spend time with our dogs and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you so much for opening your hearts and doors to these angels and all of the others that you rescue. They have absolutely given purpose to my everyday life and made our active lifestyle even more active. I hope you enjoy the pictures and Thank you again to all of your staff for everything they do on a daily basis.  

Thank you, 
Sarah Gardiner

Dukes And Duchess
  • Dukes And Duchess

Dukes and Dutchess

I was a little worried when Celeste met Dukes. They had such high energy at first. Now they have become best friends with each other and are pretty much inseparable. We changed her name to Duchess figuring every "Duke" needs his best friend and wife. Thank you guys so much for our two best friends.

Kara and Nathan Bargerstock

D Ustin
  • D Ustin
  • Dustin And Nala

Dustin and Nala

**In Memory of Dustin**

Hello, I write to you with a heavy heart. Our beloved Dustin crossed the rainbow bridge unexpectedly. He was one of two of the best dogs I have ever known. He and his sister, Nala (formerly Cleo), were both adopted from your shelter. Dustin had been found on the highway when he was brought to Animal Protectors. Apparently, he had been with you for a year, serving as a shelter ambassador, when Shawn Morgan saw his puppy picture in your flyer. When Shawn came to see Dustin he was surprised at how big he had become as an adult. But Shawn knew Dustin was to be a member of his family. Dustin wasn't 100% trusting at first, but after a few, short months, he blossomed into the most patient, caring, gentle, loving dog. His sister, Nala (formerly Cleo), had been adopted from your shelter a few months before. I am sure having a familiar face around helped Dustin to adjust. I had the joy of becoming a part of Dustin's and Nala's family approximately 5 years ago. I have never loved two dogs so much in my life. I was always proud of them being bully breed mixes and showing the world that pit bulls and other bully breeds are as valuable and wonderful as any other breed. I thank you for taking care of them both until Shawn found them and made them a part of his family.

Dustin loved laps, constant petting, cookies, walks, and so many other things. He especially loved it when Nala would groom him. He lived with lots of love and is sorely missed. Dustin was adopted on September 21, 2005 and crossed the rainbow bridge on February 22, 2014.

Nala is still with us. She will no doubt miss her bigger, younger brother. She was adopted on June 11, 2005. Two days after being adopted, Shawn met someone who had known her previously and that is when Nala got her name back. She is bossy and huffs and puffs when she needs to go out or needs water or wants a treat. She loves to prance around when she wants a cookie. And she loves pizza!

Thank you for all that you do,
Tamra Jutting

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