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Meet our alumni.

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15. Emma 2
  • 15. Emma 2
  • 15. Emma 1


“Just a quick update on Emma. I got her from the shelter back in October. She is such a loving cat. She is so friendly to people, no matter how young or old. I have nothing but good things to say about her. She gets little bursts of energy from time to time when she will want to play, but out of all the toys I've bought she is most content with batting around a crinkled up ball of paper. I attached a picture that I thought was pretty cool, and it's always one of her favorite places to sleep when I do laundry. I'm so thankful I found Emma at the shelter, or rather she found me... I don't know what I would do without her.”

Alan Erceg

Eri 5 3 13
  • Eri 5 3 13
  • Eri


I just wanted to let you know that Eri is adjusting very well in his new home. He is an absolutely wonderful dog and he has just fit right in. He wants to play with the cats, but they are scared to death of him!   We are showing good signs though, they will come into the same room with him, as long as he is asleep.

Thank you for assisting us in the process.

Kelly Biddle Cook

Ethel 2
  • Ethel 2
  • Ethel 1



We guess Ethel came from a family with kids. My sister, her daughter and family came for a visit this week and Ethel was sooo excited to be around them. We did not know what to expect but, it was as if she was used to being around young kids. She was excited and did jump a little but over all she was fantastically well behaved, playful and gentle. Each day the kids could not wait to come back and see especially, Ethel & Shane (he was their grandfather’s dog originally) and our other dogs & cats.

Chris & Deb Galanos

20. Finnigan And Possum
  • 20. Finnigan And Possum

Finnegan and Possum

“I adopted two wonderful kitties here in fall '07, a one-eyed black cat Finnigan (was called VanDoran) and grey Possum (was called Marla). They are still best buddies and lots of fun!”

Jenn Smith

  • Frank


Just wanted to send a big hello from "Frank". We adopted him from Animal Protectors in early 2015 and he is doing fantastic. He is a great dog and we are very thankful for having him as a member of our family!

Bob G.

  • Fred


We wanted to send along our thanks for introducing us to Fred. He has settled in nicely to our home and is really enjoying the large, fenced in back yard. He's been running full tilt, fetching a tennis ball or just stretching his legs.

~ The Outlaws

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