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Meet our alumni.

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Gandof And Eddy
  • Gandof And Eddy
  • Edy
  • Gandolf

Gandalf and Eddie

Gandalf (Hoppy) and Eddie (Moon) are two peas in a pod. They are best friends who love to play and groom each other. Their favorite activities include chasing fishing line, napping and cuddling with mom and dad. They are each missing their back right leg, but have no problems jumping or getting around like other cats. We enjoy them and love them so much.

Elizabeth Long and Daniel Cowell

Ghost And Angel
  • Ghost And Angel

Ghost and Angel

Back in 1999 I went in search of a white cat since that's the only color I've never had before. I went to your shelter and found a kitten that was all white but had some black and beige on its forehead. Then I hoped it was a female since the last 5 cats I had were male, and she was! I adopted her that same day since the entire staff at Valley Vet knew me (now close to 40 years) they told your staff I was OK.

Next day I went back and in less than 24 hours got her matching sister. I've been absolutely BLESSED to have these two cats in my life and not a day goes by I don't thank God for them and the constant love they give me.

They were part of the "perfume" group and one was named Opium (which I later found out and is my fav perfume) and the other was named, Shalimar. Opium was changed to Ghost (top) and Shalimar to Angel (bottom).

They were 7 weeks old when I got them and in September, they turned 14 years old. Both are doing very well!

Thank you,
Ghost, Angel and Michele

  • Gigi


I can't thank you enough for rescuing my little Giardia, the perfect little girl, and giving her a fighting chance that she deserved. I couldn't ask for a better dog. I usually call her Gigi though or princess because she is a total princess. She is very happy and healthy.

~ Joie Wesoloski

3. Gilli
  • 3. Gilli


“This is our cat Gilli, which we got from APAV in July 2010. She is very smart and lots of fun! She keeps us entertained always! We're so glad to have her!”

Sam Pelczarski

  • Harley


Thank you for letting us adopt Lecig we now call him Harley. He has adapted well with our other dogs and fitting into our house. Thanks again!

The Lyle family

Heath And Ivy
  • Heath And Ivy

Heath and Ivy

I just wanted to share an update on Heath and Ivy. They're about a month apart in age, but are best buds! They get along so well and play together all the time. They're never far from each other, or from us when we're all home. They were a great addition to our family. Our schedules have changed since we adopted them. I work overnights now and sleep during the day and they are great cuddle buddies. Then at night, they sleep with my husband and we all hang out in the evenings. Adopting them was one of the best things we could have done. They're great little buddies to have around. Thank you!

~ Amanda & Matt Lucke

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