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Kenny 050715
  • Kenny 050715


Just wanted to give you an update on how Kenny is settling in to his new home. In a word, he is FABULOUS!

His 'official' name is Kenneth Holden Quaranta, we are still calling him Kenny, although he doesn't really react to the name as much as to my tone of voice.

This dog is completely housebroken!!!!! I could not believe it, he had one accident when we first got home (I think he was just so excited running all around the house), but other than that, he comes and gets us when he needs to go out, no accidents at night...........I am positive someone trained him as a pup.

He HATES, HATES, HATES the crate. First night he cried himself to sleep, second night he was throwing himself against the bars, so I took him out and put a blanket on the floor at the foot of our bed, and he slept there all night quite happily. (I was afraid he was going to hurt himself in the crate). Anyway, he knows his bed is on the floor next to ours now, and he is quite content there.

He has his spots in the house where he can see either Angelo or I while we're working, we put blankets on parts of the couches in living room and family room, and he knows those areas are OK to sit on.

He's eating/drinking/peeing/pooping well, we've been down to the trail a couple times for walks, and he is relatively good around people, bicycles, and other dogs -- very curious, pulls to go to them, but stops when I make him and doesn't fuss.

Very little barking, other than when the yipper-dog across the street starts barking, Kenny will bark back once or twice, but then he stops. He is very good in the car also. Anyway, he is an absolute joy. Going over to my Mom's tonight, she wants to meet him!

Anne & Angelo Gallagher

9. Kermit And Juno
  • 9. Kermit And Juno

Kermit and Juno

"Kermit and Juno are getting along great!"

Becky Gorajewski

  • Angee


Hey There! We just wanted to give an update on Angee. We renamed her Kimber and she responds so well to it. We have had her for about 6 months now and we are so in love. She is such a well behaved dog. She loves to go on her walks still (this winter we went a little stir crazy inside) and she still loves destroying all of her squeaker toys and stuffed animals. I consider her a SUPER chewer. Thankfully she has only destroyed one pair of slippers since we've had her here.

She loves her Kong filled with peanut butter, she brings it to me every time I have the peanut butter out making myself a snack. We have a few pets in the family so I bring her over to my parents to play with their miniature schnauzer, I swear Kimber has more energy than the puppy does.

We noticed she isn't very well with larger dogs, so we started taking her to a local pack walk where she has been socializing with larger dogs and learning how to act around them. This has helped immensely with her social and walking skills. She loves helping me get the mail every day when I get home from work, sometimes we race to see who can get to the mailbox first.

We made her a new bed, she loved it after she learned it was hers and ok to sleep on. It was really cute watching her figure it out. She often rests her head on the front window sill, she guards the neighborhood and makes sure to tell me when someone is outside. She still doesn't realize her size and she just wants to be on top of us all the time. She keeps me company while I cook dinner and she's too cute to not give my vegetable scraps, she LOVES vegetables.

We are so happy and thankful to have found Kimber and for everything you guys have done for her and us. We hope you enjoyed her update and pictures.

Thank you,
Erien & Bryan

  • Kimoralee
  • Kimora2
  • Ry&Kimora


"Here are some updated pictures of "Serene" (now Kimora) She has been such a good baby since we adopted her, she loves to cuddle every night! Everyone that meets her tells us she not your typical pit bull and has changed their minds about pit bulls! She loves to play with other dogs, she even went on a road trip to Atlanta and played with 3 other pit bulls! I will have to send pictures of all 4 of them together. She loves to go to the dog park and even gets in the water! I absolutely love her personality and couldn't image life without her :)"

Obi And Kittie
  • Obi And Kittie

Kittie and Obi

I adopted Kittie, the black and white, from your shelter way back in 2002. She is now 13 years old and healthy, happy and strong as ever! We adopted Obi (orange) from you last November or December 2012. He was a tiny kitten only a few weeks old named Roamer in the shelter. He is now approximately 6 months old and HUGE! He's as big as my 2 year old Siamese Himalayan and bigger then my 13 year old and 7 year old girls! He and my 2 year old Siamese Himalayan became immediate best friends; they follow each other around, play together and even groom each other. Their favorite toy is a 6 foot long piece of weed eater line that they play tug of war with and Obi carries it around the house like his security blanket! All four cats have grown to love each other, although there's still the occasional fight or hiss. Obi was definitely the right choice and he completes our family perfectly!

Brandy J. Reynolds RN

  • Kringle


I just wanted to send my thanks for letting me adopt Kringle in March. He has been a wonderful addition to the family! He was left at the shelter last Christmas, and we are very excited to give him a home this Christmas!

Kayla Zeigler

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