Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley

We’re expanding!

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We searched and searched…and searched for several years for a new home to better accommodate the hundreds of cats and dogs at our shelter.We were looking for a larger building, a few more acres for our dogs to run on and a safe place for our volunteers and workers to help care for the animals.

With all of that in mind, we looked at land that was suitable to build on and we looked at buildings for us to renovate. After all of that looking (about 6 years of looking to be exact!) we finally found the building for us! Animal Protectors recently purchased a 10,000 square foot building on 4 acres of flat land. The building and land are located in our hometown of New Kensington on Church Street – so we are not moving too far and we’ll be serving the same community we have for 50 years.

Why can’t we stay where we are?

Animal Protectors has outgrown our existing 3,000 square foot building – it’s 7,000 less square feet than what we just purchased – that’s a big difference. Not only will the extra space allow us to provide enhanced living areas for the animals we take in, it will also help our volunteers and employees have a little bit of extra space to work in. Currently, our shelter does not have a break room for our team to utilize for lunches and there is no designated space for adoption counseling and private conversations.

No room for expansion.
Our current shelter is located in a flood zone, so it is not suitable to expand the shelter on our current property. In addition, we do not own our current shelter, it is owned by the City of New Kensington.

Important details for you to know:

The initial asking price of the new building was $1.3 million dollars and after negotiations with the owner, Animal Protectors purchased the building and land for $840,000. The building purchase was funded by cash reserves accumulated over many years from several bequests received from generous individuals.

Currently, the building is occupied by a day care who will continue to lease the space and
pay rent to Animal Protectors until renovations begin. The rental income will be reserved for building renovations. The building will require renovation estimated at $1 million to meet the needs of the shelter and the requirements of the City.

So…what’s next?

We start planning! We have selected an architectural firm, Canzian/Johnston & Associates and they have started to prepare preliminary drawings to renovate the building.

The next step is to raise funds. In order for us to best serve the Alle-Kiski Valley and to be the best shelter we can be, we’ll need the best of you! Please stay tuned and be on the lookout for more information about our Capital Campaign, which will raise funds specifically for the new shelter.

We’ll be releasing more information about our final shelter renovation plans and how much capital we’ll need to raise in early 2017. Thank you in advance for your support!

Click here to read a great story about our new building. The story was published in the Pet Tales column in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.