Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley

Responsibility is a lifetime commitment

Check out a few easy steps to help keep your animal safe

Almost every day, a new animal enters through our doors. Often times, we suspect that this animal is an owned animal that may be lost. Sadly, many of these animals are never claimed and must wait for a new home at our shelter.

How do we know these strays are owned? Many of the dogs are house trained, know basic commands and understand how to walk properly on a leash. Some cats are so friendly that we just know they have recently lost their favorite lap to sit on. There are even times where we receive a stray cat that is declawed. Kathy

As we work to find new homes for the animals that find themselves at our shelter, we are reminded of the importance of educating the community on responsible pet ownership. Owning a pet is a lifetime commitment and there are many ways to keep your pet safe – so they do not find themselves at our shelter.

There are many easy paths to take to being a responsible pet owner:


Even though we often do everything in our power to keep our animals safe, stuff happens! At Animal Protectors, we understand and do our very best to reunite owners with their lost dogs. So, what does RTO mean? It means Returned To Owner.  In 2011, 83 lost animals were happily reunited with their owners thanks to our efforts, policies and intake procedures. The note below came from one such owner whose dog recently ran away. We love to see happy reunions and want to remind everyone that we offer low cost microchipping of animals. For only $30 you can be assured that your animal will find its way home.