Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley

All they need is love

One hour of time makes a world of difference

MenekaAnimal Protectors volunteers strive to find each and every animal in our care a good home. While they are waiting for their forever homes, we make sure they are receiving the best care – but, that doesn’t mean taking them all home. There are so many things our volunteers do at the shelter each day to make the dogs and cats more comfortable. Our volunteers walk, bathe, cuddle, and so much more.

As more and more cats and dogs enter into the shelter, we find that we are always in need of dedicated and caring animal lovers who are willing to sacrifice their time. The rewards are countless – with every tail wag and purr, we realize just how much our animals appreciate the care, and how much we care for them.

We want to share the love – stop into the shelter and see just what our volunteers do!

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Applications may be emailed to, mailed or hand delivered to the shelter office.

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