Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley

Open your heart, open your home

There are many ways to get involved at Animal Protectors, but not all require time at the shelter. One significant and rewarding opportunity is becoming a foster parent to an animal in need by opening your heart and home. Fostering an animal in need allows them to receive extra care that shelter life is sometimes not able to provide.

RandyFoster families administer medicine, take their foster pet to the shelter veterinarian, provide routine daily care and/or exercise and assist with housetraining and behavioral training.

Some of the animals in need may be:

Pregnant dogs or cats

In order to help pregnant dogs or cats give birth in a relaxing environment, we are dedicated to sending pregnant animals into foster care where they can be monitored and cared for before and after their delivery. Pregnant dogs or cats are kept until the babies are weaned from their mother or are old enough for adoption. Generally, they will be eight weeks old when they are ready to come back to the shelter.

Very young puppies or kittens without mothers

Abandoned and very young puppies and kittens without mothers need extra care such as bottle or hand feeding.

Recovering from illness or surgery

Animals recovering from an illness or surgery usually need a quiet place to recover and specific medical care. The shelter will provide foster families with instructions for medications and any other information needed to help with the healing process.

You open your home, we provide you support, supplies

We understand that fostering an animal is a big commitment. The shelter will provide all necessary supplies to care for the foster animal such as food, bowls, litter and cages. We will assume the cost or reimburse the cost of all necessary veterinarian care and medicine.